Manx / Fluffy Cat Commissions

“Over ten years ago our beloved cats, Jody and Shena, died. My wife and I commissioned Adine to create two water color portraits of them. We gave Adine our two best photos although they were admittedly poor quality and bad lighting. Adine was able to cut through the questionable quality photos and capture the “essence” of both cats. The paintings are gorgeous. Now Jody and Shena’s presence continues to grace our lives and home thru Adine’s exquisite talent. Joe H.

As my husband just commented, we love our portraits of Jody and Shena. I would like to add that we have two leaf water color paintings and one flower water color painting by Adine that hang in our den. Everyone who sees them comments on the great use of color and shadings. Marion H.” September 2, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Joe H.
hired Adine as a Fine Artist in 2007, and hired Adine more than once

This recommndation can be found on Adine’s LinkedIn profile.



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